Breathing Camp with Dan Brule August 3 – 9th in 2020 – canceled until 2022

„Breathing is the key to your well-being and, if done right, can transform your life – physical, mental and spiritual. Dan Brulé is a captain who will show you how to do it. I love his training because he has done great impact on my life. ”- Tony Robbins


  • A world-renowned pioneer in breathing techniques
  • Author of 8 best-selling books in his field
  • Master of Prana Yoga and Chi Kung
  • Former US Navy Medical Deepwater Diver, Vietnam Veteran
  • Lifelong learning in the art of healing, Zen and Meditation
  • 2000 founded the International Institute of Art of Living Skills and Healing
  • Breathing missionary and guru who has traveled the world for over 40 years and helps people know themselves through various breathing techniques.
  • Recognized expert in the field for whom breathing is a passion and vocation.
  • Invited to more than 55 countries worldwide and trained over 125,000 people throughout their lives.

There are many breathing experts in the world, but you need to meet Dan Brule to experience what he is capable of. In order to know what a miracle of breath is, it makes sense to study with the best.

Dan’s knowledge and skills have attracted high profile clients and partners such as Tony Robbins, Mark Divine, Leonard Orr, Stan Grof, Wim Hof, Stig Severinsen.

Dan Brule Breathing Techniques teaches US Army Generals, Navy, senior executives, Olympic champions, elite martial arts practitioners, cutting edge psychotherapists and medical experts, nuns, meditation masters, nurses, yoga teachers, artists, personal trainers, alcohol and drug prevention professionals, wholesalers, life coaches, business executives, university lecturers, students, housewives and children. From now on, he is actively invited to train powerful respiratory technicians in ambulance, firefighters and police. It is an indispensable skill set that individuals must have in order to achieve excellence in any area of life.

For more information on Dan Brule, visit his website:

At Rebefing / Conscious Breathing Camp you can:

  • Train your breathing skills and excellence
  • Improve and maintain good health
  • Learn about the most effective breathing techniques available today
  • Reprogram your „autopilot“
  • Develop an appropriate response to panic and stress
  • Unleash your true potential
  • Learn to relax
  • Perform the general routine in mind
  • Become the best version of yourself

There are aspects that you probably never pay attention to when breathing, and you do not delve into their meaning. These aspects are like doors for which you will find a lot new and know yourself better.

Make the decision to learn how to open that door and you will gain the qualities that great teachers, saints, yogis, mystics and healers once famous for.

Conscious Breathing Camp Dates: August 3rd – 9th. Arrival and departure 12a.m

The program includes: morning yoga and intense Dan Brule training, breathing sessions.

Evening: Last night sauna.

Feeding: vegetarian (without meat) – 3 times per day.

Location: Countryside homestead in Atesys, Alytus district, near Simnas town, near the picturesque Lake Atesys. Distance from Vilnius to farmstead 130km

The camp will be held in English with translation into Lithuanian.

Camp price:

Till June 15th. – 690EUR

June 16th. – July 15th –  720EUR.

July 16th – August 3rd. – 750EUR

Camp placement is guaranteed with an advance payment of 300EUR. The money is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, please arrange for your relatives or friends to attend.

The transfer is only made after your registration has been confirmed.

To apply for registration: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone no. and the country you come from if you live outside of Lithuania and participate in a specialist training program.

Registration is in progress:

Contact phone:+37067701688 Event coordinator Augustė Seniulytė

The camp is organized by:  rebirthing / conscious breathing specialist Loreta Ribokiene